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DataEye and APPTUTTi Joint Force in Developing A TurnKey for Foreign App Developers to Migrate Apps into China

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A TurnKey Featuring all the China market mandatory resources into one Single SDK

Hong Kong SAR – April 1, 2016 – APP TUTTi announced today the serious cooperation with DataEye in developing the TurnKey for app developers to equip their apps with the mandatory and necessary features in order to migrate their apps into China market.  This is the first endeavor of putting all China market required resources into one single SDK, which covers Social Login/Sharing such as QQ, WeChat and Weibo, Local Payment tools like SMS billing, AliPay, WeChat Pay, etc. and Data Mining kits (developed by DataEye).  This is the first attempt to put everything necessary into one single SDK which would provide overseas app developers a simple turnkey to make their apps compatible with China market.

It was a shuffling year for App Market in China in 2015.  Though it was enjoying its rapid growth, the lack of quality app content always hindered.  The local industrial players were trying hard to acquire apps from anywhere in the world in order to fill the huge market needs.  They practise like importers to acquire apps from aboard through related conferences or events in different cities in the Americas or Europe. Such a way had long been doubtful in terms of capacity and efficiency of acquisition.

APP TUTTi finds its own way in serving this mission with its online portal (www.apptutti.com/partners), which is open to all overseas app developers to sign up and submit their apps.  This is the first self-service portal for all overseas developers to migrate their apps into China in an efficient approach.  Just going through the 4 steps: Register, Submit, Plug and Publish (RSPP), they would be able to get their apps ready for China market.  The whole app submission process would take as short as 30 minutes.  Register Once. Unlimited App Uploads.

DataEye with its industrial experience and technical expertise in app industry in China and APP TUTTi with its tremendous knowledge in overseas market and experience in international connection had put the serious and tremendous effort in putting all the key features required into this single SDK in order to provide a quick turnkey for overseas app developers.  This TurnKey as well as the portal were developed and missioned to provide the most direct and simple approach for app developers to get into China.

About DataEye (www.dataeye.com)

DataEye is a leading data service provider in China who dedicates in mobile gaming and entertainment industry.

DataEye provides data tracking/analysis services for game developers, distribution channels, app stores, ad networks etc. in China.
Founded in 2013, DataEye was formed by a professional and experienced team, most of them from top Internet companies in China like Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, etc. Currently almost 2,000 companies are using DataEye services. And we’ve established in-depth relationship with China Mobile, NetEase, Tencent, Alibaba, CMGE, iDreamSky, TCL, Coolpad, Qihoo 360 etc.

About APP TUTTi (www.apptutti.com)

APP TUTTi is an online portal for Apps to migrate into an 800 million mobile users marketplace in China.  It is the first self-service portal providing a simple and direct gateway for overseas app developers to get their apps into China market.

APP TUTTi with its operations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Shenzhen and Beijing is a team with full range of software skillsets for different software product development; deep understanding on the cultural differences between the West and the East; strong know-how in business and marketing in Asia, especially in China and Hong Kong; AND practical experience in supporting large enterprises in Hong Kong/China in developing software products and/or solutions ranging from Consumer and/or Business Apps to specific commercial application systems.

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