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Premium Package (DDCP)

DDCP (Deep Dive Customization Program) offers the strongest level of co-operation between you and APPTUTTi. We will work closely with you to tailor our services to fit your specific needs and strategically plan for your apps/game success in local marketplaces.This package includes priority support, local marketing, user acquisition, and optimization consultation for your creations. Our dedicated team is here to make your journey into China special and tailored to your needs.

This package is only available for selected projects. After registration and submission of your project invitations will be sent to eligible partners. Is your game ready to hit the ground running in China? Submit today and your invitation will soon be on its way.

RSPP Services copy@3x

Service includes:


  • Translation for over 1,000 words
  • SDK resources for multiple app stores
  • Real Time Data Analytics
  • Different monetization options
  • Access to all top stores in China and Unexplored markets
  • Customized technical support
  • User acquisition
  • Local marketing support
  • IP registration and protection
  • Optimization consultation

(Invitation Only)

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