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May the games be with you!
Category: Featured
We can witness the increasing interest in the Chinese market and APPTUTTi have been working hard to keep up with our Partners’ pace. Here we collected our May releases in one pos...
APPTUTTi Verified Program
Category: News,Business
Why did we launch our program? We launched the APPTUTTi Verified Program to reward our partners for their hard work in creating great projects. The number of registered...
Experts in App Releases for the Chinese Market APPTUTTi Announces app Developers BlueC Inc, Will Become APPTUTTi Japan
Category: News
Any wise app-developer wants access to the Chinese market the largest and quickest growing in the world.  Hong Kong-based APPTUTTi specializes in this area, recently announced th...
The "correct way" of overseas creative mobile games entering the Chinese domestic market
Category: News
Donald Tang – The CEO of APPTUTTiSince the beginning of this year, the product shortage in the domestic mobile game market emerged and is becoming a major issue. Some manufacture...
How to develop a successful app for Chinese market
Category: Blog
China is the most populated country in the world, the most advanced when it comes to technology, and definitively the biggest market in the world when it comes to mobile users. C...
APPTUTTi wins Best Employer’s Award
Category: Blog
APPTUTTi, an online portal to get your apps in China, is honored to receive an Award for “The Best Employer” for the year 2016 – 2017. The Awards were organized by Smiling ...
Category: Blog
The Chinese app market is the largest and one of the most profitable mobile markets in the world, and it’s poised to be the top mobile market across all categories in just a year...
5 Chinese App Stores You Must Know
Category: Blog
As you may or may not know, the Chinese app market is unlike most of the other app markets around the world, especially when it comes to Android.Unlike western markets, Google Pl...
For what reason China is Booming Market for Developers
Category: Blog
China has the largest smartphone market on the planet, with well over 1.2 billion users. Clearly, they have earned their place as one of the most lucrative mobile advertising mar...
These key differences definitely help you get huge profit in the Chinese game market
Category: Blog
If you’re looking to market game products worldwide, it’s important for you to consider where you’ll be selling them and concentrate on localizing to the most lucrative territori...