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APPTUTTi And Cocos Release The Greatest E-Book For Bringing Your Game To China
Category: Featured,News
Learn everything you need to bring any game to over 900 million gamers(Shenzhen, China - January 13, 2021) APPTUTTi is teaming up with Cocos to bring you one of the most signific...
Success Story: Magic Cube Puzzle 3D
Category: Blog
Magic Cube Puzzle 3D was released into 3 Android App Stores in China (Wandoujia, 3839 Game, 4399 Game). It was published through our RSPP Basic (Register, Submit, Plug, Publish) ...
The Different RPG styles between East and West
Category: News
The Chinese Mobile RPG: the Genre of Giants.Chinese RPGs make up 56% of the top 500 grossing iOS games in China. According to data gathered in 2019 by Game Refinery’s Joel Julkun...
APPTUTTi Verified Program
Category: News,Business
Why did we launch our program? We launched the APPTUTTi Verified Program to reward our partners for their hard work in creating great projects. The number of registered...
What are the gaming regulations in China? (2020)
Category: Blog,News
Heading into 2020, let’s refresh our understanding of the latest regulations that China imposes on games.History Prior to March 21, 2018, the primary regulators for China’s onlin...
Everything You Should Know about China’s Top Android App Store: The Huawei Mobile App
Category: Blog
In the era of continuous digital upheaval and tech-driven competition, China has now become one of the world’s leading global mobile gaming and application market. Especially, wh...
5 things to avoid when getting your mobile game translated in Chinese
Category: Blog
There are 1.3 billion people living in China, and it is still growing. With this large population, and extensive territory; there is no doubt that China has multiple dialects in ...
Everything You Should Know about App Stores in China: Vivo App Store
Category: Blog
The App StoreThe Vivo App store is one of the main mobile application stores in China. The app store is preinstalled on all Vivo smartphones and it claims to have over 10 m...
APPTUTTi wins Best Employer’s Award
Category: Blog
APPTUTTi, an online portal to get your apps in China, is honored to receive an Award for “The Best Employer” for the year 2016 – 2017. The Awards were organized by Smiling ...
Payment Tools For Your Mobile App in China
Category: Blog
The mobile payment market of China is moving much faster than that of the US. The payment methods have been revolutionized so much that it has come up far above web banking. We w...