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China and Android play the leading role in mobile game install market
Category: Blog
China has topped the list for most mobile game installations in the world, according to trends measured by Unity, and published in the latest Games By The Numbers report. The dat...
Channel and IP Become Precondition in China's Mobile Gaming Market in 2016
Category: Blog
China’s mobile gaming revenue approached 56.2 billion Yuan in 2015 at an over 100% growth rate. The impressive growth was mainly attributed to the launch of mobile version of pop...
3 Key Factors To Enter The World's Largest Mobile Market
Category: Blog
On our previous post we explained how the western Android market you know is vastly different from the one in China. Several major factors impact this market’s complexity and we’...
It's the first time China have overtaken the U.S. in iOS game revenue
Category: News
In the second quarter, China hit a new milestone as it surpassed the U.S. to become the No. 1 country for iOS game revenue, according to market researcher App Annie.The change wa...
China’s new mobile gaming rules might dismantle indie game developers
Category: News
A couple of weeks ago, Chinese authorities dropped a bit of a bomb on the mobile gaming industry. Starting on July 1, every mobile game being launched in China has to be pre-appr...
Better Protection for Genuine Games from Now!
Category: Blog
The world of mobile game development is a harsh one. Developers tend to not only deal with a market over-saturated with mobile games, but also with stringent standards of approva...
Without Getting Approved By China's Government Mobile Game Cannot Online
Category: Blog
July 1, all mobile games must be pre-approved by the Chinese government at least 20 days before they’re released. It’s part of sweeping new regulations to curb when, what, and ho...
Top 5 keys to China’s Mobile Gaming Market
Category: Blog
China has the largest mobile gaming market in the world – an exciting market not just for game-lovers, but also for those into marketing and advertising. Shanshan Cao, senior mar...
5 Things You Need to Know About Marketing Your App Into China
Category: Blog
Launching your app into China offers a huge opportunity which most app developers and publishers can’t afford to miss.Here are 6 Things you need to know before launching your app...
In China, Mobile Payments is a Young Person’s Game
Category: Blog
Sometimes, some things are just a young person’s racket. Extreme sports. Competitive eating. Many kinds of popular music.In China, however, there’s one thing that’s surprisingly ...