Gaming events you want to attend in 2021 (Part 1)
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Gaming events have largely moved online since the lockdown began in 2020. With the online gaming events in 2021 you can expect a larger number of participants, a chance to watch ...
“Legalize” Your Game in China - DDCP Success Story: Blocky Cars
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DDCP Success Story: Blocky CarsPiracy is the ultimate headache for developers. Having spent all that time and effort in building your mobile creation, the last thing you’d want i...
APPTUTTi And Cocos Release The Greatest E-Book For Bringing Your Game To China
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Learn everything you need to bring any game to over 900 million gamers(Shenzhen, China - January 13, 2021) APPTUTTi is teaming up with Cocos to bring you one of the most signific...
DDCP Success Story: Cell to Singularity
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Have you ever wondered what it takes to make it to our Deep Dive Customization Program (DDCP)? Let’s take a look at how a title we discovered a while ago and invited to our progr...
Are Blockchain Games Ready to come back to China?
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Blockchain Gaming With the recent increase in Bitcoins popularity, I got thinking about the blockchain gaming craze that happened in China and whether blockchain games will ever...
A Guide to App Monetization in China
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Introduction and ContextSo you’ve just finished developing the next mobile gaming smash hit. You’ve already planned to launch your game worldwide and win the hearts of gamers eve...
Why do I need to "localize" my app for China? 
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Why do I need to "localize" my app for China? “Hello TUTTi-Naut, what is localization?” “Localization is when you tweak and adapt a mobile appor game to make it s...
Launched: TUTTi Viewer
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APPTUTTi partners rejoice! We asked about your user experience with our platform and many mentioned that they would welcome a tool to speed up workflow and accessibility. We...
The Different RPG styles between East and West
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The Chinese Mobile RPG: the Genre of Giants.Chinese RPGs make up 56% of the top 500 grossing iOS games in China. According to data gathered in 2019 by Game Refinery’s Joel Julkun...
Best 2020 mobile gaming events for indie developers to attend
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Lockdowns and travel restrictions are not going to stop us from making the most of the remainder of 2020. While the APPTUTTi team is gutted to not be able to catch up with o...