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About Us

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Who we are

We are the first 24/7 online portal that enables app & game developers to launch their projects in China and other Unexplored Markets. We are an international team with offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing and Singapore.

We believe that developers should be able to showcase their creations with ease in the world’s largest mobile market, China. We therefore provide developers with the essential SDK resources to increase the compatibility of their creations with the Chinese market. The services and features we provide include translation and the protection of intellectual property rights in addition to various payment, login, advertising and revenue earning models that are suited to the local market.

Once registered with our partner portal, developers may submit an unlimited number of projects and benefit from many of our free services. Additional paid features are also available to increase the competitive edge of their creations. Our portal provides developers with data on user retention, daily active users (DAU), monetization (IAP and ADS), geographic sets and more. Developers are also able to track the performance and status of their projects in real time, anytime, anywhere.

Our Mission

To empower developers and  showcase international creations  in the world’s largest market.

Our Vision

To partner with over 99% overseas developers and oversee the successful launch of their creations in China. Let’s make history together.

What we do?

4 Simple Steps
to launch your apps & games in China and Unexplored markets

1. Register

Provide the required details and documentation

2. Submit

Provide the APK of your app

3. Plug

Plug in the APPTUTTi SDK to integrate into the local markets

4. Publish

Access the world’s largest mobile user markets

App Developers: Provide company information and official documents.

App Developers: Submit your current APK and fill in the RSPP form.

App Developers: Plug in the SDK and input the AppID, AppKey and billing point code(s) before your second APK submission.

App Owners: Congratulations! Your app will be published shortly.

APPTUTTi: Review your information and set up your personal APPTUTTi Account.

APPTUTTi: Manage the first submission, collect AppID and AppKey, and set billing point code(s).

APPTUTTi: Test the integrated APK in China and Hong Kong before uploading it for approval.

APPTUTTi: Manage the final app submission. Once approved, your app will be published in 7-14 days.

App Store, Google Play. What’s Next? China via APPTUTTi

Most app and game developers are only aware of two platforms that can publish their apps and games. But there is another opportunity in China, home to the largest Android market in the world. APPTUTTi lets you access this new world. Register and try now for free!

Why Us

Large User Base

Publish your mobile apps and games in the largest user bases in the world. With over 1 billion users, China is the world’s largest mobile user market, while other audiences are found in Unexplored markets.

Ease of Transaction

The easiest way to acquire subscriptions in China is through mobile payments such as WeChat Pay and Alipay. Similar revenue streams can be found in Unexplored markets.

Intellectual Property

Build your brand by protecting your intellectual ideas, designs and creations. Our portal provides you with service for IP registration.


We offer technical and business support such as integration, product and pricing strategies. With our headquarters in Hong Kong and a branch in Shenzhen, our team of experts will ensure the successful publication of your app or game in China and Unexplored markets.

Secure Monetization

APPTUTTi is based in Hong Kong, an international financial and commercial center, and governed under the legal system of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. We have extensive knowledge in working with multinational corporations on international legal affairs. Our location and experience can help you access secure revenue streams.