Top 5 Localization Tips for Success in China
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China has a unique mobile ecosystem. It runs on its own set of rules. To be successful in the Chinese mobile market, International developers will need to play by those rules. AP...
DEBUNKED: Top 5 Myths About Publishing in China with APPTUTTi
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Developers often contact our support and technical teams with similar sets of questions. While we recognize that a single article won’t put all of your questions to rest, it will...
3 Creative Ways to Use Rewarded Videos in Your Game!
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When talking about ads monetization in the past few years rewarded video ads have become an extremely hot topic. Everyone from Google, SmartyAds and in between have been posting ...
Top 5 Reasons to Publish in China with APPTTUTi
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Publishing in China is alluring and potentially lucrative when done right.Oftentimes, the only true barrier to publishing a mobile game in China comes down to a lack of understan...
The Top Games in China 2020
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We know that mobile gaming is booming in China, but just how active, really, are Chinese gamers? We took a look at data from App Annie and Sensor Tower for all of 2019 and 2...
Why do I need to "localize" my app for China? 
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Why do I need to "localize" my app for China? “Hello TUTTi-Naut, what is localization?”  “Localization is when you tweak and adapt a mobile appor game to make it s...
From RSPP to DDCP: Finding Success in China with APPTUTTi
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Fractal Space HD Adventure Puzzle Case StudyFractal Space HD is a first person 3D adventure and puzzle game set in an immersive sci-fi universe from Haze Games.1 working day was ...
From RSPP Basic to Max: Finding Success in China with APPTUTTi
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Rento Dice Board Game Case Study To illustrate what an APPTUTTi publishing journey looks like, let’s look at Rento’s success story. From RSPP Basic to RSPP Plus and finally ...
Success Story: Magic Cube Puzzle 3D
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Magic Cube Puzzle 3D was released into 3 Android App Stores in China (Wandoujia, 3839 Game, 4399 Game). It was published through our RSPP Basic (Register, Submit, Plug, Publish) ...
Best 2020 mobile gaming events for indie developers to attend
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Lockdowns and travel restrictions are not going to stop us from making the most of the remainder of 2020. While the APPTUTTi team is gutted to not be able to catch up with o...