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Experts in App Releases for the Chinese Market APPTUTTi Announces app Developers BlueC Inc, Will Become APPTUTTi Japan

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Any wise app-developer wants access to the Chinese market the largest and quickest growing in the world.  Hong Kong-based APPTUTTi specializes in this area, recently announced their latest agreement to cooperate with the company BlueC Inc., who will become APPTUTTi Japan.

October 20, 2018

In an ever more connected world, an app being able to have a strong global reach makes very good sense from its developer’s perspective, along with the many who would like access to it.  Formerly for outsiders to enter the Chinese and other emerging markets could be quite difficult for a long list of complicated reasons.  Hong Kong-based APPTUTTi has changed that dynamic opening doors in China, Singapore, Korea and other emerging markets.  The company is the global online portal with a complete set of services for app and mobile game developers to access the Chinese market.

In very exciting news for the app world the company has recently come to an agreement with BlueC Inc.to officially become APPTUTTi Japan, allowing Japanese app game developers a way to be part of the Japanese mobile gaming market without worries of language barrier issues or not understanding the ins-and-outs of Chinese laws, or how to present their apps to the many different Chinese app stores.

BlueC Inc. is a company based in Japan that provides services such as Application development, AR/VR game development, Social Game development, and more. The new deal between APPTUTTi and BlueC Inc. provides a great opportunity for the involved countries, as both companies are leaders in their respective markets. All these services are immensely valuable and point towards a brighter future for all involved in a true win-win.

The collaboration also reaffirms the critical role that APPTUTTi is playing by giving app developers a huge leverage for launching their apps in China. The alliance will create a dedicated gateway for all Japanese mobile app and game developers for launching their apps in China.

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“We are very excited to see APPTUTTi expand to include an official section in Japan where there are countless skilled game developers who deserve access to the Chinese and other emerging markets,” commented a spokesperson from the company.  “We think this is a breakthrough that will leave many people pleased for years and years to come.”

APPTUTTi also currently has offices in Hong Kong, China, and Singapore. It’s a safe bet to say that their healthy growth will only continue, as will their number of valuable strategic partners.

About BlueC Inc. 

BlueC Inc. provides a range of services targeting mobile solutions. BlueC Inc. is a company that provides various digital contents, mainly based on game development business which started in March 2017. The predecessor is Inis, Inc. established in 1997. The company is on the path of creating the game entertainment of the future by maximizing the extensive development achievements accumulated over the past 20 years. We constantly anticipate the changing era and aim to be a company that brings joy to people with new ideas.

About APPTUTTi (www.apptutti.com & www.apptutti.com/partners)

APPTUTTi liberates the foreign mobile app or game developers to reach out the large Chinese mobile app and game market; and the Emerging markets by providing a comprehensive set of services through its online global portal equipped with highly automated processes with operations in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore, and now in Japan and Korea.

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