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Discovering New Games in China with TUTTi Club

Posted by: APPTUTTi
Category: Blog

TUTTi Club is a directory that exclusively showcases mobile games created by international developers and launched in China.

Here’s how gamers in China discover new gaming experiences and keep up with the latest gaming news with TUTTi Club.

When gamers open TUTTi Club, they are greeted with games that have launched to incredible success in China and that they cannot afford to miss! 
As with all game stores, our list of fresh releases is the page to navigate to when you are in search of a new adventure. Click into any game in the list to view descriptions, previews and reviews. For example, here's Cell to Singularity, an educational game that takes players through an extraordinary tale of evolution, technology and humanity. This game creeped up the rankings following the efforts of our DDCP team in boosting this overseas hit to success in China.
With TUTTi Club, gamers can also grab a sneak peek of games before APPTUTTi Partners officially launch their games in China! This special feature also allows developers to receive early feedback from their most devoted fans to help them tweak their games and improve their reach.
The news section of TUTTi Club is carefully curated by our team which means that the most relevant updates will be shared to members of our gaming community. Apart from stories covering game recommendations and the business of gaming, promotions and contests are occasionally held for gamers to earn in-game perks and TUTTi Club Points!

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Author: APPTUTTi