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An introduction to Unity and how the UDP can solve your publication concerns in China.

Posted by: APPTUTTi
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With more than 50% of all new mobile games developed with Unity, let’s take a look behind the success of their gaming empire. We will go through the gaming solutions and educational resources they offer to help you turn your creative ideas in

to reality, and the community of Unity developers they host. We will then move onto the distribution side of mobile games by focusing on the Unity Distribution Portal and its latest partnership with us here at APPTUTTi.

Mobile Game Development

Unity is an all-in-one editor that allows you to create, operate and monetize your games. It hosts a range of artist-friendly tools to help you design immersive game worlds and a suite of developer tools to implement game logic. Unity supports both 2D and 3D development across over 25+ platforms including mobile ones. It offers Cloud Diagnostics, a suite of cloud-enabled tools to help you gather user feedback and crash reports in real-time, along with performance and brand advertising, and monetization solutions.

Features specific to mobile game developers that Unity offers include a Universal Render Pipeline optimised for high performance on low-end hardware like mobile devices; Adaptive Performance to deliver longer play times and smoother frame rates; Prefabs for improved workflow; an Addressable Asset System that streamlines the developing, building and loading of game content by loading assets by “address”; a Data-Oriented Technology Stack (DOTS) to help games run faster and developers to reuse codes across multiple projects; TextMesh Pro to control text formatting and layout; 2D Tilemaps to create instant 2D worlds out of square, hexagonal and isometric tilemaps; Profiling tools for performance optimization; and Cloud Diagnostics.


Instant experiences are fundamental to the success of mobile games. With increasingly short attention spans of mobile users, Unity provides a solution to maximise reach of mobile content by delivering small file sizes and blazing-fast startup without compromising quality. Project Tiny is a new modular Unity runtime and Editor mode for developers to build experiences that can load instantly and without install, perfect for playable ads. Previews are available now.


Apart from gaming solutions, Unity offers award winning educational resources from comprehensive courses to bite-sized tutorials for beginners and experts alike. This is accompanied by an online community for Unity developers to discuss and share experiences build and expand their teams, and even receive troubleshooting solutions from a verified community expert.



Mobile Game Distribution 

So now that you have developed your mobile game, your worries will probably shift to finding an audience. But fret not! The latest distribution solution to the Unity family is the Unity Distribution Portal. The UDP reduces the engineering complexities associated with publishing to multiple app stores, enables developers to publish and operate games in local markets, and connects developers with a global audience. Developers only need to build their game once and upload it to the UDP, where it will automatically be repackaged for and sent to the partnering game stores worldwide.

Which brings us to APPTUTTi’s partnership with the UDP to open up access to over 1 billion mobile devices in China for Unity developers. We are the first 24/7 online portal to help app and game developers enter China. We provide developers with real-time performance and monetization data of their apps and games to increase their understanding of user behaviour and acquisition. We provide free access to three major app stores in China, with various local monetization options available such as in-app purchasing (IAP) and advertising. Our free SuperSDK provides developers with all the resources necessary to adapt and integrate their apps and games to fit the expectations of Chinese mobile users. Furthermore, we offer IP protection and ISBN services—essential for IAP games—to address developers’ worries over the safety of their creations.

APPTUTTi is the ultimate gateway to China and by distributing your app with us via the UDP, you can save time from having to navigate complex distribution channels and focus your time instead on creating more mobile games using Unity!



Author: APPTUTTi