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From RSPP to DDCP: Finding Success in China with APPTUTTi
Category: Blog,Business
Fractal Space HD Adventure Puzzle Case StudyFractal Space HD is a first person 3D adventure and puzzle game set in an immersive sci-fi universe from Haze Games.1 working day was ...
APPTUTTi Welcomes Cocos Creators to China
Category: News,Business
You’re in the world of game development and you’ve just spent the last few months pulling all-nighters, fueled by coffee, coding your game. Cocos Creator simplifies game developm...
The Influence of Game Design
Category: Featured,Blog,Business
Game design has found its way into other branches of entertainment. An article in the Los Angeles Times looks at how the aesthetics of streamers such as Netflix has taken cues fr...
An introduction to Unity and how the UDP can solve your publication concerns in China.
Category: Featured,Blog,News
With more than 50% of all new mobile games developed with Unity, let’s take a look behind the success of their gaming empire. We will go through the gaming solutions and ed...
APPTUTTi Becomes the Newest Unity Distribution Portal Partner, Providing Mobile Game Developers Access to Chinese App Stores
Category: Blog,News,Business
HONG KONG, China – September 12th, 2019APPTUTTi today announced it has become the newest store on the Unity Technologies Unity Distribution Portal (UDP). APPTUTTi is the first 24...
4 Steps to Launch Your Games in China
Category: Blog,News
So you have been pouring your creative juices for hours into developing your game and it is finally time to release it into the world to thrive and mature. You know that internat...
China is driving big growth for Unity mobile game installs
Category: Blog
In the first three months of this year, the folks at Unity reportedly saw a roughly 30 percent increase in Unity-made mobile game installs around the world, compared to the last ...