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Launched: TUTTi Viewer

Posted by: APPTUTTi
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APPTUTTi partners rejoice! 

We asked about your user experience with our platform and many mentioned that they would welcome a tool to speed up workflow and accessibility.

We understand the importance of data for our partners and have taken on your comments to develop a new pocket tool to assist your APPTUTTi experience. We tweaked and perfected our app over a few months and are now ready to launch and share this new tool with our community of developers worldwide. 

Meet TUTTi Viewer, an app to place our portal into your pocket, letting you access real time intelligence on the go. Integrating TUTTi Data, our big data infrastructure, you can now view performance data, receive notifications and withdraw your earnings right from your fingertips with our interactive solution to your Dashboard. 

Focus your effort on development and management strategies for your apps and games by simplifying and accelerating your daily workflow with TUTTi Viewer. 

China, home to the largest mobile market in the world, is now more accessible than ever!

Key Features

Access your APPTUTTi partner account

View your app list

Track your activity log

Explore performance data: users, stores, geo, devices, ads, monetization, etc.

Manage your revenue: withdrawals and transaction records

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