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APPTUTTi’s special invitation from White Nights Conference

Posted by: Caring
Category: Exhibition,News

APPTUTTi’s special invitation from White Nights Conference

Last month APPTUTTi was invited to be part of one of the most important venues for the gaming industry worldwide: White Nights Conference.

The White Nights Conference is an international business conference for game industry which is held in three different cities: Berlin, Moscow, and St. Petersburg. This venue attracts professionals interested in the latest updates in content across mobile, PC, console, web, AR and VR.

Every year more than 4,000 visitors all together were present at the conference to network, exhibit, or to attend the different panel discussions. In our case, we were invited to share our knowledge with other big players from the mobile industry, and to discuss about “Chinese Market Opportunities”.

APPTUTTi played an important role in this conference, thanks to our understanding of the market, and valuable contribution to App & Game Developers who would like to launch their creations in China and Emerging Markets. APPTUTTi brought the most recent insights of the Chinese Market which are crucial when taking the first step into an unknown market.

The conference took place at the Blue Hall on June 29th and gathered 200 people approximately. It was a dynamic conference where we shared scenario with NetEase Games, My Gamez, and Mintegral, and covered topics such:

  • Language barriers
  • Nonstandard practices
  • Transparency
  • Legal processes
  • Monetization

We also had the opportunity to attend the Unreal Engine Gala Dinner, as well as the party, where the nominates in different categories where revealed.

Developed by Epic Games, Unreal Engine is a complete suite of tools that empowers creators to bring real-time, high fidelity experiences to PC, console, mobile, augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), and virtual reality (VR) platforms. Used by many of the world’s leading entertainment software developers and publishers, Unreal Engine is also an integral part of many enterprise sectors, such as automotive, architecture, film, science, aerospace, marketing and education.

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It was indeed 3 days full of great meetings and experiences, which provided us with more exposure and new business opportunities with overseas game developers looking forward to enter the largest mobile market, the Chinese market.

Author: Caring