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Launch Apps and Games in China. What are the risks and rewards?

Posted by: Aaron Denford
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It’s the 21st century, and the app and gaming markets have been brewing up a storm which has resulted in significant gains for some and great losses for the others.

The Chinese app and game markets are extraordinary, and as with every great entity, there will always be its shortcomings.

Trying to break into the Chinese app and game markets is a worthy endeavor, and if you are looking to publish mobile games, you need to work with the Chinese app stores to launch Android apps in China. The pros and cons of the Chinese app and gaming market are highlighted below:


Intense competition

The large size of the China app and gaming market is made possible by the tons of investment made by developers.

Trying to break into the market with these key players (Tencent, NetEase) at the forefront of the market, can be quite the hurdle.

When looking to launch your apps and games in the China app and gaming markets, keeping the below in mind is paramount.

Even though there is a lot of unyielding competition already running the market, there are still untapped sectors of the markets that are just waiting for your next big innovation to bring it alive.

If you have your business eye on the China app and gaming market, then be sure to read to the end.

A great start would be working with experts who know their way around the market. APPTUTTi is your expert guide in launching apps and games in Chinese and Unexplored Markets. We’ve helped developers successfully launch their apps and games in Chinese and Unexplored Markets. We are here to guide and partner with you to tap into this lucrative and increasingly growing mobile market.

The Google restriction

Like with every market out there, there are certain restrictions, and the Chinese app and gaming markets are no different.

In most places in the world, the Google play store has been an excellent way for developers to launch their apps and games into gaming markets.

Unfortunately, in the Chinese market, developers do not have the luxury of leveraging the use of the Google play store.

The Google play store and all Google related products have been blocked. This block kicked off in 2010 and has stayed put since.

Even the very widely used and popular Gmail wasn’t spared.

This level of restriction and lots more make it extremely difficult for foreign developers to break into the market.

All hope isn’t lost here, APPTUTTi is the perfect partner for developers and game makers that don’t have the option to start a Chinese based company and deal with the obstacles with being a foreign entity. We provide all the services needed for a successful game launch.

Language Restriction

As a foreigner hoping to get into the China app and gaming market, another limitation you would face would be the language restriction.

It’s one thing to design and build a game in your own language, and quite a different ball game entirely with a foreign language.

In addition to having to spend extra capital getting a gaming expert that codes in the Chinese language, you are also open to mistakes as you aren’t able to identify language errors.

It is imperative that you are highly invested in working with the best when it comes to the integration and compatibility of your game app in the Chinese language.

This should be at the top of your list as anything less than accuracy in this could go a long way to inhibit your games successful launch. Did you know APPTUTTi provides up to 1,000 words free translation into Simplified Chinese!

Trying to navigate the multitude of mobile app stores

With the Google play store block restriction, the issue of trying to navigate a large number of mobile app stores is also something you need to contend with.

With over 300 mobile app stores, trying to find footing with each one of them comes with its own unique set of rules and regulations before you are allowed approval to sit on their platform.

APPTUTTi provides access to the top app stores in China and other Unexplored Markets. Our free RSPP (Register, Submit, Plug, Publish) plan grants you access into 3 of these app stores, our RSPP+ service grants access to 8, and our RSPP MAX service will launch your games and apps into 20 different stores!

Even still we have our DDCP (deep dive customization program)

  • Translation for over 1,000 words
  • SDK resources for multiple app stores
  • Different monetization options
  • Access to all top stores in China and Unexplored markets
  • Customized technical support
  • User acquisition
  • Local marketing support
  • IP registration and protection
  • Optimization consultation

Marketing restriction

You might be a pro at SEO with search engines that are well known in your country, but what about having to work an entirely alien SEO structure?

 The marketing of your app or game in the Chinese market could also make or break your launch and games success, and hence, you have to ensure that you research and get into the best marketing practices that are ideal for the Chinese market.



Before breaking into a market, you have to truly understand what said markets require and ensure that you provide that to your audience. Trying to get into the minds of your intended audience in terms of their preferences would give you an edge when trying to get started in the market.

A lot of dedicated research needs to be put into the process to ensure that you have a customer pool that would appreciate your gaming innovation.

Games and apps that do well in Chinese markets consist of, roleplaying, strategy, and action. However, any game or app can perform well in these markets with the help of quality integration and compatibility changes for local users.

The untapped sectors of the market

The china app and game markets are the largest in the world and are getting larger and larger each year. The markets need an increase in quality games, this is where overseas developers have an edge on the existing content providers. With the introduction of new and exciting games and apps, we can expect to see an even further increase in mobile player growth.

The growth trend over the years has shown that it has great investment potential and is a worthy endeavor still.

The bull’s eye pro here is that you can always find an excellent spot for yourself in the market, with an app/game innovation that allows you to thrive.

The only hitch would be the hurdle of getting to that spot as a foreigner.

In the highly advanced technological era we live in today, there are a handful of platforms that possess the knowledge and expertise to help you break into the China app/game scene and other unexplored markets.

A great option is the APPTUTTi platform, which provides you with all the SDK resources you will need to increase the compatibility of your app and game with the local markets.

They also help to overcome market complications such as IP protection, currency control, complex channel structures, and language barriers.

Of course, there are obstacles and hurdles for outside developers to launch their games and apps in China and other Unexplored Markets. This article has highlighted the problems facing those that want to join and profit in this ginormous market. Fortunately, APPTUTTi is here for foreign developers to successfully launch their apps and games in partnership with our top-quality services and team.


Have you Launched apps and games in China? What were some of the issues or complications you encountered? Leave a comment below.


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