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The Influence of Game Design
Category: Featured,Blog,Business
Game design has found its way into other branches of entertainment. An article in the Los Angeles Times looks at how the aesthetics of streamers such as Netflix has taken cues fr...
INCA Internet & APPTUTTi Extend the Gateway to China for Korean-Speaking Mobile App and Game Developers
Category: News
(Hong Kong, July 30, 2018) — APPTUTTi, the global online portal with a complete set of services based in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Singapore for the app and game developers to acce...
How to Get Hundreds Millions of Users to Use Your Mobile App – Migrate to China
Category: Blog
Mobile app market is huge and the competition is even bigger with millions of apps already exist and thousands added every year getting your app popular is not an easy task.Today...
App Annie Mobile App Forecast: China to Surpass the US in 2016
Category: Blog
In the release of our mobile app store forecast, we highlighted the growth we are projecting across mature and emerging markets. In this post, we share key insights on the China ...
Mobile App Market Expected to Keep Growing
Category: Blog
The App Annie mobile app data report forecasts that global mobile app store downloads will reach 284 billion in 2020, as the global base more than doubles.Global mobile app store...
A Brief Look into the Mobile App Marketing Scenario in China
Category: Blog
Although China was a little slow to warm up to the smartphone revolution that has captured the rest of the world, the country has now more than 500 million registered users and t...
What to Know About China’s Top 3 App Stores
Category: Blog
As the world’s largest smartphone market, China represents a huge opportunity for mobile game developers and publishers. But winning in the Chinese mobile market requires more th...
4 Essential Tips On How to Successfully Market Your Mobile App in China
Category: Blog
If a well-made game is like a tasty cake, then a successful marketing for a game would be a tasty cake with good presentation. After all the caffeine, overnight work, deadline fi...