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Is there a Game Supply Problem in China?
Category: Blog,News
Game Traffic Buying risesDataEye-ADX reports that more than 600,000 new traffic materials were purchased in May for an average daily of 20,000. Compared with April, the daily ave...
The Influence of Game Design
Category: Featured,Blog,Business
Game design has found its way into other branches of entertainment. An article in the Los Angeles Times looks at how the aesthetics of streamers such as Netflix has taken cues fr...
Android gains share in China at expense of iOS
Category: Blog
Android’s market share in urban China in Q1 increased 5.9 percentage points year-on-year to nearly 78 percent as Apple’s iOS share fell 5 points to 21 percent, according to Kanta...
Android makes rapid gains in Most Markets, iOS market share falls
Category: Blog
While Windows Phone slowly fades, Android is stronger than ever, experiencing growth in all markets except Japan. The numbers Kantar released tell us that Android is getting more...
Android's market share grows in Q1 as iOS loses it's footing
Category: Blog
During the first quarter of 2016, Android was the mobile platform of choice for smartphone buyers in the US, EU5 (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain) and Urban Chin...
Android is eating Apple’s iOS market share everywhere
Category: Blog
As if Apple wasn’t facing enough headwind this year, now comes word that Android smartphones are making big market share gains around the world.According to the latest market sha...
Android Gains Ground, Holds Off iOS Growth in Chinese Market
Category: Blog
For the first time since 2014 iOS market share in China did not grow during the three months ending in February 2016, leaving room for Android devices to take back some ground.Ac...
Apple and Google's Android Take 97% of U.S. Mobile Market
Category: News
It was 95% last year. Apple and Google are dominating the U.S. mobile market, even more than they did before.During the first quarter, Android and iOS combined for 97% of all mob...