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SuperSDK Integration Services

APPTUTTi’s SuperSDK series is where our key service shines. No longer do you have to build a different version of your creation for the hundreds of app stores in China. Increase the compatibility of your game in the local markets. Localized payment options, localized login options, localized advertising, data mining, and multi-store publication are just some of the benefits our SuperSDK will give to you and your creations. 


APPTUTTi’s SuperSDK Integration Services provide a quick and direct way to increase the compatibility of your app(s) in China and Unexplored markets. 

Services include; source code study, SDK integration and implementation, APK testing and final publishing. We will deliver the integrated source code and publish the APK once complete.


Before using our integration services, you must:

  • Remove all features of your app that are restricted in China eg. Facebook, Google, YouTube, Banner Ad. etc.
  • Translate your app(s) into Simplified Chinese (We offer a free translation service for up to 1,000 words).
  • Send us the source code of your app once the two requirements above have been met


  • Initialize SuperSDK at the beginning of the app/game
  • Enable social sharing in the app/game
  • Enable billing in the app/game
  • Generate APK(s) for local app stores in China
  • Perform tests to ensure successful integration