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IP Certificate Services

Protecting your intellectual property (IP) of your creations is a top priority for APPTUTTi. Intellectual property (IP) protection is a subject of concern for mobile apps/games developers seeking to publish in China. In March 2016, the Chinese government introduced a new policy on the digital IP registration process. This registration assures that China is committed to the protection and upholding of your IP rights.


We handle the documentation preparation, registration application and monitor the approval status until the release of the official IP certification. You won’t need to worry about anything. APPTUTTi has a dedicated team to help you in securing your IP in China. 


IP Registration is strictly required for GAMING Apps to be published on the major app stores in China. For
other Apps type, it is good to have for your basic protection and speedier launch in China.

Partners Responsibilities

Before using our IP registration services, you must:

  • Login to our Partner Resources Portal and upload a copy of your official business license or copy your Personal Identification, e.g. Passport Copy,
  • Complete the app submission:
    • The app submitted MUST be fully translated into Simplified Chinese, including the app title, description and content.
  • Submit the partial source code of the app:
    • The first 1500 and the last 1500 lines of the source codes from the specific app in Word format for IP rights verification.
  • Provide an authorization letter for the specific app. Please refer to our sample and template.

APPTUTTi Service Steps

  • Based on the information and materials provided by the partner and complete the required application form for submission
  • Submit the required documents and materials to Copyright Protection Center of China (CPCC).
  • Closely monitor the status of the application process. Generally, the estimated lead time for the whole process is 45 days.
  • Once the certificate is ready, we will publish at your Dashboard.