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Why do I need to "localize" my app for China? 

Posted by: APPTUTTi
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Why do I need to "localize" my app for China? 

“Hello TUTTi-Naut, what is localization?”



“Localization is when you tweak and adapt a mobile app or game to make it suitable for publishing in China”



“Do I HAVE to do localization?”



“Yes! There is no short cut to localization. It must be performed if you wish to publish in China!”




“Okay, so how do I actually localize my apps and games, and what happens if I don’t?”




“Here is how to localize your apps and games!”






What? Simplified Chinese

How? We offer an English to Simplified Chinese translation service, free for the first 1,000 words of your project. 


– Adopting the local language allows you to communicate effectively with your target audience – Views and downloads will increase as Chinese speaking users are more likely to read about your app while store browsing – Chinese titles are easier for sharing and discussion in social circles which will result in word of mouth referrals

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What? Ads monetization – banner, video, interstitial 

How? Remove all foreign advertising features. Integrate your app with our SuperSDK that supports local ad networks. 

Why? – Google is banned in China so its ads won’t work and you won’t be able to monetize if you don’t implement – Ads monetization will generate more revenue than IAPs – Chinese users are accustomed to having ads pop up on their screen during app usage and gameplay. For the latter, they are happy to forgo a few seconds if it leads to a life or a reward.

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Social Media  

What? Local social networking platforms – WeChat, Weibo, QQ

How? Remove all foreign social networking features and logins – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We will do the rest and enable local social sharing for you. 


– Foreign social networks are banned in China – China has its own social networking ecosystem that virtually all local users are part of

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Author: APPTUTTi