DEBUNKED: Top 5 Myths About Publishing in China with APPTUTTi

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Developers often contact our support and technical teams with similar sets of questions. While we recognize that a single article won’t put all of your questions to rest, it will sure help to unpack and break down the most common myths and misconceptions that we hear about when it comes to mobile app publishing in China. 

Myth #1: I don’t actually need to translate EVERYTHING, right?

Debunked: No!

All text in your game should be translated into Simplified Chinese. Remember, not Traditional Chinese but SIMPLIFIED CHINESE. Chinese players are much more likely to view, download and try out a game if gameplay is available in their native language.

Myth #2: I can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube as logins, right?

Debunked: No!

Access to overseas social media is banned and restricted in China so games published in China mustn’t offer login options via these sites as they simply won’t work. Removing these overseas features and replacing them with local alternatives that local players are familiar with, such as Weibo, Wechat or QQ, is the way forward.

Myth #3: I can display webpages, videos, or digital books in my app, right?

Debunked: No! 

Overseas websites, videos, and digital books are blocked by the Chinese Firewall and will cause your app to crash before the user even has a chance to see what your app is all about. These include any links to overseas webpages! To avoid any disruptions to gameplay, simply remove these embedments and links from your build.

Myth #4: I don't need to sign anything or give any authorization and can still get published, right?

Debunked: No! 

The authorization form you are asked to fill out during submission is exactly the one piece of preliminary document that allows your app to be published in Chinese app stores through APPTUTTi’s publishing channel. It is critical that you ensure that your game is authorized on Chinese app stores.

Myth #5: I can just keep existing ads in my app, right?

Debunked: No! 

Overseas ads can’t load in China. You must remove all existing ads from your app and integrate your app with our free SuperSDK instead to unlock local ads. That’s the only way to monetize your creations and earn revenue in China!

Hopefully we’ve hit on some of the main sticking points that have been bouncing around in your head for some time now. We’re always excited to work with international developers and make your publishing journey to China as pain free as possible with our simple and intuitive RSPP process! 

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any more myths you’d like debunked!

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Author: APPTUTTi