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Success Story: Magic Cube Puzzle 3D

Posted by: APPTUTTi
Category: Blog

Magic Cube Puzzle 3D was released into 3 Android App Stores in China (Wandoujia, 3839 Game, 4399 Game). It was published through our RSPP Basic (Register, Submit, Plug, Publish) service. The RSPP Basic service provides the easiest and most direct way to publish ads based games in China. 

APPTUTTi optimization

The publishing team here at APPTUTTi worked with the developer and suggested a version update. Together we changed the ads strategy to optimize in-app advertising monetization. APPTUTTi is always ready to provide detailed suggestions for successful game launches in China for our partners.

Our team is on hand to provide detailed suggestions for our partners in order to make each of our games successful in China.

Increase in Users

Increase in Revenue

Maintained a high eCPM of $8

Other results

The developer upgraded their service plan to RSPP+

This upgrade gives them:

Our team is always dedicated to offering game optimization strategies and strategic updates to ensure the successful continuity of our partners’ games in China

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Author: APPTUTTi