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Q3 2015 Mobile Game Expands to 35.1% of China Online Gaming Market

Posted by: Caring
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China online gaming revenues attained 35.39 billion Yuan in Q3 2015, rising 5.5% from Q2 2015 and up 24.5% from a year earlier, in which mobile game took up 35.1% and PC game accounted for 48%.

iResearch holds the opinion that mobile game has become the main driving force for the growth of online gaming market. With the increase of using time of mobile device and heavy mobile gamers, mobile game continues squeezing PC game market and is expected to hold a larger share than PC game in the future.



The revenue of China mobile game reached 12.41 billion Yuan and kept its growth of over 10% in Q3 2015. iResearch believes that there were three contributors. Firstly, students can spend more time playing mobile games during summer vacation. Secondly, following the role-playing game (RPG) and action games, more heavy games such as first-person shooting game and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) extended to mobile. Although their ARPU was relatively low, these games tended to have a longer lifespan. What’s more, IP pan-entertainment became deeper. The cooperation among game, comic and film attracted more fans of the same IP products and thus gave rise to fans effect, which contributed to the game revenue rise.

Data from game tracker, a mobile game player behavior measurement product launched by iResearch, indicates that more heavy mobile online games appeared in Q3. The card games, which were very popular in the mobile game market at one time, were replaced by role-playing games with more playing methods. Meanwhile, the number and share of such mobile games as action game, shooting and MOBA increased as well. and their gamer loyalty and lifespan were raised by games events held frequently, and with increasing investment in mobile games, these games will expand to competitions, clans, live shows and other related fields.



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Author: Caring