Mobile Gaming is HUGE in China

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It’s crunch time!

We’ve compiled a handy list of the latest facts and figures that developers need to know for China’s mobile gaming market

Smartphone Users

China has the most smartphone users in the world at just under 912 million users with many more still to be captured given a penetration of 63.4%.

Source: Newzoo


China leads the world having generated 35% of global mobile gaming revenue in 2020, followed by the US (20%), Japan (11%), South Korea (5%), and the UK (4%).

Source: GlobalData

2025 Forecast

In 2020, mobile gaming revenue in China was up 30.9% YoY for the highest annual growth rate since 2017, while the number of mobile gamers was up 7% YoY at 681.7 million.

The market is projected to reach $40.5 billion in revenue and 748 million mobile gamers in 2025.

Source: Niko Partners

Crunch Time

As we transition into an era of 5G and cloud gaming, it’s no secret that China remains the top destination for global game developers.

Here’s how you can join the largest mobile gaming market in the world

Author: APPTUTTi