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Growing China App Market and a Solution for Local and International Developers  

Posted by: Caring
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China’s app market

In 2015’s app market survey, it was statistically analyzed that China has the largest market to date. Developers from all over the world (Yes, not just Chinese developers) try to enter Chinese market because it has a lot of potential and they find a good scope there. The CEO and founder of App Annie has reported that the growth of China’s mobile app economy is accelerating even more than that of USA and Japan.

What kind of apps

If you are wondering what sorts of apps have a higher ranking and popularity, gaming apps is our answer. Social networking apps come second and then the entertainment ones. Apps providing e-commerce solutions are reaching another level of growth. However, creating an app is not the only thing you should be concerned about. Real good developers are present all around the world but not all developers have their apps available on app stores because they are unable to meet certain requirements.

What kind of trouble does the developer face?

Basically, the developer has not devised his/her app according to what the market suggests which results in a lower download rate. No matter how great your app is, if it does not synchronize with the growing market, you are not at the right spot. Sometimes you lack a good business strategy which does not let you win over your competitors. May be your software development life cycle has all its focus on development rather than a good documentation, testing and customer support.

Metaphorically stating, there are thousands of issues which terminate the game for damn good developers. What you need is a buddy who is there to assist you on your project and shape it in a way that helps you build a big your-created-app-using-community.

Finding an assistance? How?

APPTUTTi can be your number one solution if you are specifically planning to enter China’s app market. All you need is the AppTUTTi’s SDK to be integrated inside your app and there is a huge list of things you can benefit from:

  1. Brand and IP Protection
  2. Technical/Business Support
  3. Payment gateways like WeChat Pay, AliPay, etc.
  4. Publishing of apps on various channels
  5. Pre market testing

Once you are done with your application, it takes no more than 30 minutes to reach the market. Yep! It’s not loose talk. You just need to provide necessary documentation and app file to APPTUTTi server and what happens next is your app visible on app stores.

If you are a developer and looking for an exposure, research about Chinese app market and register yourself with APPTUTTi. Local publishers might not be the right solution for you especially if you are not living inside China because there will be a huge communication gap. It can be troublesome to enter China market on the legal aspect, but again, APPTUTTi gets you covered.

Other solutions for you could be to target smaller app stores. There are hundreds of mobile app stores existing in China, mainly for android. Some of the leading stores among them are Tencent’s My App and Baidu’s Mobile Assistant. Their ranking is based on coverage. Tencent has 24.75% of the coverage while Baidu ranks third with 14.69% coverage.

If you are a foreign developer, it’s important for you to learn Chinese and mix with the culture and trends completely. You’re also supposed to build a network, create social profiles, connect with loads of different people. That’s what accelerates the process of creating an impact.

Don’t you want to be a part of world’s biggest mobile app market?

Launch your app in China now.

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Author: Caring