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Summer 2022 Games Published in China with APPTUTTi

Posted by: APPTUTTi
Category: Blog
Our efficient RSPP model and industry-approved SuperSDK simplifies your publishing journey to China so you can focus your time and efforts on developing the best mobile gaming experiences for all.
Let's check out some of the RSPP games that were launched in China this summer!

RSPP Basic - A free taste of China! 

Perfect for all.
From absolute beginners to seasoned developers looking for a free trial of what China has to offer, our starter package will get you and your ad-monetized games off the ground with access to 3 major app stores, translation for your first 1,000 words, integration and localization tools and resources, real-time data analytics and technical support.

Bouncing Box - Hardcore 2D Platformer (木箱跳跃 - 硬核2D平)

The K Brothers, Jordan

Dodge death traps and collect gems by manoeuvring your way as a forever bouncing box across multiple worlds with intuitive controls and great mechanics, all brought together by the soundtrack's delightful beat that is bound to keep you bouncing through the summer heat.

Cubes World: Endless Running (方块世界:无尽跑酷)

Rafaat Ashour, Israel

Add neon pops of color to your summer by collecting as many cubes as you can in this immersive and fast-paced arcade game.

Emergency City Ambulance

Dreamforest Games, Ukraine

Steer ambulances and helicopters in third person, but bring out your paramedic skills in first person as you embark on a host of missions around town. Every second counts! 

Roll On Mob (火星人大闯关)

SDW Games Studio, France

Crush a line of them with your trusty old ball.
Pull out the maxi ball when there are too many of them.
Immobilize them with the frozen ball when they approach too quickly.
Save the fireball for when they become too strong.
It’s whatever you need to do to keep on rolling!

Sparkle Piglet (失落农场)

7tam, Belarus

Begin your adventure at The Lost Farm as you set off with your piglet to explore new lands and take on enemies, including The Farmer and his angry dogs, in a world full of danger, puzzles and mysteries. Sprinkling some good vibes, positive emotions and original country tunes to brighten up those summertime blues.

RSPP Plus - Level up!

If you’d like to take it a step further and capture more users in China, this upgrade will help you secure the IP Certificate you need to publish in up to 5 additional stores. A must-have for developers looking for that extra layer of protection before diving deeper.

Hot Lava Floor (熔岩无尽跑酷)

Judas Brothers, Ukraine

Make your way across the map without falling into the river of lava searing beneath you. With over 1 million downloads on Google Play and no pun intended, it’s time to bring one of the hottest games to China this summer! 

Bring on the heat!

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Author: APPTUTTi