August 2021 Games Published in China with APPTUTTi

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APPTUTTi has been helping developers publish games in China since 2015.

Our efficient RSPP model and industry-approved SuperSDK simplifies your publishing journey to China so you can focus your time and efforts on developing the best mobile gaming experiences for all.

Let’s take a look at the RSPP games we helped launch in China in August!

Clash of Legions - Kingdom Rise (魔战英雄编年史)

Mega Combat Studio, Vietnam

Build your own legendary squad with unique units, skills and power items to conquer your enemies in epic battles. Be the king of your legion and lead humanity to ultimate victory!

Color Sword (五彩刀刃)

JeGuePa Studio, Dominican Republic

Slice and slash as many flying monsters as you can with your fingertips. Create combos to earn spectacular points. Pay attention to power ups but beware of bombs!

Kick the Mice

Candy Wings, Armenia

You are a shoe and there is a mouse in the house. Let your anger out and relieve yourself of stress as you chase mice at every corner you turn.

Divide 2 (黄金分割2)

Black King, Ukraine

Keep the ball in play in this new and simple casual game from our regular collaborator, Black King.

Zigzag 2 (开心过弯2)

Black King, Ukraine

Test your agility and reaction as you zigzag your way through this game to collect jewels. Don’t let the lighting effects disrupt your concentration! 

Super Jump (超级跳跃)

Black King, Ukraine

How far can you go? Jump from bush to bush and collect feathers to unlock new characters.

Car Driving Cartoon (卡通飞车)

Black King, Ukraine

Experience powerful graphics and accurate physics in this cartoon racing simulator thanks to its advanced game engine. Drive, drift and feel the thrill of being a furious city racer!

Hit (击中)

Black King, Ukraine

Splat and paint your way to the top of the tower in this colorful and artful casual game.

Block Puzzle (极智方块)

Black King, Ukraine

It’s a throwback to the 80s and 90s in this classic game of tetris.

Stores Covered

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