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From RSPP Basic to Max: Finding Success in China with APPTUTTi

Posted by: APPTUTTi
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Rento Dice Board Game Case Study 

To illustrate what an APPTUTTi publishing journey looks like, let’s look at Rento’s success story. From RSPP Basic to RSPP Plus and finally RSPP Max, Rento made its way up the APPTUTTi ranks in just a little over 6 months and is now in the process of obtaining its ISBN license.

Rento is a free dice board game where players can trade land, build houses, win auctions, roll wheels of fortune and Russian Roulettes. The game comes in 4 modes – online multiplayer, offline solo, bluetooth multiplayer and pass n play.


Rento’s Publishing Timeline

Launched in 7 Top Stores via RSPP Plus

Rento was integrated with our Freemium with Ads RSPP Plus SuperSDK (ads monetization) and launched in 7 top stores in China: TapTap, Vivo, 3839 Game, Huluxia, Wandoujia, CoolPad, Migu.

Support from APPTUTTi’s strategic partners

Rento immediately landed a featured spot in TapTap’s landing page. It also reached the Top 10 New Games rankings in its first week. With the help of TapTap’s strong promotion, the number of new players increased from 152 on November 11 to 13,747 on November 13. That’s an increase of nearly one-hundredfold. Advertising revenue also reached a daily peak of USD 64.6.

Likewise, with Rento’s launch in Vivo and the platform’s promotional support, the number of new players increased just over tenfold from 988 on April 3 to 11,434 the next day.

Optimized Ads Strategy

Following our suggestion to optimize Rento’s ads strategy, an update was launched on various platforms on February 12 which promptly resulted in a 2.7x increase in advertising revenue from USD 5.77 to USD 15.65 in under a week.

RSPP MAX: The Final Roll

Once Rento obtained an IP Certificate Service under RSPP+, it became one of our best performing RSPP Plus games as the Certificate allowed us to launch Rento into more stores. And as Rento takes its final roll in China with our RSPP MAX program, we are confident with its growth and can’t wait to see what new performance targets can be reached once its ISBN license has been approved.

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Author: APPTUTTi