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Everything You Should Know about China’s Top Android App Store: The Huawei Mobile App

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In the era of continuous digital upheaval and tech-driven competition, China has now become one of the world’s leading global mobile gaming and application market. Especially, when the past year has seen rapid growth in the number of internet users at 802 million users in 2018.

Also, with recent development in Chinese Internet ecosystem, the Government has resumed Gaming licenses which has potentially led to a boom of app developers and mobile games within the app development industry. With the rise in application development, we are most likely to see a rapid rise in the usage of newer app stores as well.

These application stores are the online marketplace where app developers can launch their applications that are ready to be used by the end users.

Previously, we elaborated about Sogou Mobile Assistant, and in this section, we will discuss Huawei Mobile Application Market store.

The App Store

Founded in 1987 by Ren Zhengfei, Huawei started its business as a networking and telecommunications equipment and services company. After the Shenzhen-based company unveiled their first Android phone in 2009, now it takes the biggest market share in China’s smartphone market. Huawei Mobile Application Market is their official app store that not only hosts games and apps but also offers private Cloud storage solutions. The online marketplace has been divided into multiple sections to cover a wide range of applications. These sections include Recommended Applications, Games, Software, Special Topics, and Branding Zone.

The portion of the app store in the market

If we look at the market Analysis of 2018’s Q2 app store rankings in China, you will be able to see that Chinese App Store Market is continuing to grow by leaps and bounds, with several application marketplaces, Huawei was in the 3rd position with 12.5% market share.


Main difference between other app stores

In the race of leading application stores in China, we have compared two of the best app stores that hold their positions in the top 10 app stores in China: Huawei Mobile Application Market vs. Wandoujia. Wandoujia is another popular third-party Android app store in China that is owned by Alibaba.

When compared to know which is the most recognized application to download in China, Huawei comes out as a clear winner by leading in the number of downloads and Shares compared to Wandoujia.


Structure of the App Store

Once you log in to the website, here is a screenshot of the structure for Huawei online app store.

Here, you will realize that the structure of the website is quite systematic and easy to identify and navigate. Typically, providing a range of options to click and explore for the end users.

How they Feature Apps?

Once you open the website, you will see that the homepage contains several tabs to navigate between Home, Game, Software, Special Topic and Brand Zone. Within the home section, you will see a Boutique Recommendation section that provides the list of recommendations based on choices and history of downloads.

What kind of categories they have?

To rank the applications, the mobile app store has a precise ranking system that dynamically displays the top 10 most downloaded games and applications. Apart from these, the app store has a section to display the popular new arrivals and weekly top downloaded games. This section comes in handy when you want to download the most popular and trending applications.

How they list games

On the website, all the games have been segregated based on their categories such as Puzzle Games, Strategy Games, Racing Games and Action/Adventure Games. This categorization helps the users to easily identify app of their choices and download games that they like.

In China, with the continuous increase in the number of mobile application users and apps being launched every day, there are more than 400 app stores. So, to help you know the latest trends, we rank the top 10 Chinese Android app stores.

Our bonus

As a company that is constantly growing, Huawei is always very attentive to its impact on young generations.

In a recent Marketing campaign, this Technology company provided its latest phone: Nova4 High-end, to Weibo who have gotten the most shares on their social media platforms. This only highlights the importance to be connected with the Influencers that are talking about your brand and can reach the masses.

“The ceremony is ready! #华为nova4# What are the surprises of the conference? By sharing the Weibo conference, we will extract 3 fans from the Weibo with the highest number of shares, and each will be given a Huawei nova4 high-end version of the mobile phone(random colours)”



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