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Crimes and hacks

Posted by: APPTUTTi
Category: Blog

We recently helped Italy's RoboBot Studio publish more games in China following the success of Age of Dynasties: Medieval War (重建帝国时代) among Chinese fans. The game even made it into the list of top 10 featured TUTTi Club games of 2021.

It was therefore a no brainer for the team at RoboBot to release another one of their Age of Dynasties adventure to an audience it has established in China. This time, we travel back in time to the glorious Roman Empire to build the greatest civilization the world has ever seen and rewrite history.

You can discover more about Age of Dynasties: Roman Empire (罗马帝国) and other RSPP games that were launched in China in April and May.

But let's return to the focus of this article and RoboBot's fresh genre of games that we were tasked with publishing.

Are you ready to fight crime and hack secrets? Both require the intelligence, analytical skills and instinct we're sure that every member of the TUTTi community commands. Let's check out the new games.

Detective Games: CSI CrimeBot (侦探推理大师)

2049. The best detectives in the world have united to fight the rapid spread in crime. Your job is to collect clues and uncover culprits as a member of the CrimeBots. Addictive in both quick match and ranked match modes.

HackBot Hacking Game (破译者)

Fast forward 2 years and it is the year 2051. The most powerful criminal agencies in the world have united to steal top secrets from their opponents. Your job is to release cyber attacks and solve as many dossiers as you can to climb the ranks as a member of the HackBots. Infinite levels.

Which side are you on?

With over 10 million combined downloads on Google Play, we are thrilled to bring the CrimeBots and HackBots to top stores in China including 3839, TapTap and TUTTi Club.

Ready to publish in China?

You can do so in as little as 10 days with APPTUTTi.

Author: APPTUTTi