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APPTUTTi’s 5G Cloud Gaming Partnership with Migu

Posted by: APPTUTTi
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As one of China Mobile’s strategic partners, APPTUTTi is pleased to announce its new partnership with Migu Gaming, a subsidiary of the state-owned telecommunications company. The partnership will see us offer Migu 400 to 500 quality games every year to be used with 5G cloud gaming. Not only will this initiative add to our existing Migu catalog, but it will support the development of 5G cloud gaming for the benefit of developers and gamers alike.


“We are at a cornerstone of 5G cloud gaming and thrilled to support its development by connecting developers around the world with Migu gamers, offering both groups the chance to experience new gaming possibilities under China Mobile’s leadership in the 5G arena,” explains Donald Tang, CEO of APPTUTTi.



China Mobile is the world’s largest mobile operator and earlier had announced its plans deploy over 50,000 5G base stations across over 50 commercial cities in China by the end of 2019. The expansion will continue in 2020 to reach over 200 prefecture-level cities. With the Chinese government’s decision to accelerate the commercial rollout of 5G, $184 billion is forecasted to be invested in China by 2025, against a total of $370 billion across Asia. 5G mobile connections in China is expected to account for a third of global figures by 2025.

Alongside its construction of the world’s largest 5G network, China Mobile is also expected to invest $440 million in developing original 5G content, including high-definition video and games. As 5G infrastructure develops, so will 5G cloud gaming, a topic that was heatedly discussed at ChinaJoy this year. The technology has potential to reshape the industry as developers will no longer need to adapt their games to the needs of different operating systems, nor have to share revenue with current distribution channels, game publishers and phone carriers, as payments will be made directly through the cloud. As for gamers, much like video and audio streaming, storage constraints will disappear while bandwidth improvements will be welcomed. High quality titles will become more accessible as expensive hardware and upgrades are no longer necessary. Mobile gaming stands to benefit the most as existing PC and console gamers will finally be able to run hardcore titles from their pockets. Cloud gaming in Asia is looking to reach $3 billion and 60 million players in 2023, with China leading the way.










APPTUTTi is the first 24/7 online portal to help app and game developers enter China. We provide developers with real-time performance and monetization data of their apps and games to increase their understanding of user behaviour and acquisition. We provide free access to three major app stores in China, with various local monetization options available such as in-app purchasing (IAP) and advertising. Our free SuperSDK provides developers with all the resources necessary to adapt and integrate their apps and games to fit the expectations of Chinese mobile users. Furthermore, we offer IP protection and ISBN services—essential for IAP games—to address developers’ worries over the safety of their creations.

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Migu is already home to an array of apps created by APPTUTTi partners. Our catalog includes:

Big Truck Hero 2 – Real Driver (大卡车英雄2)

Cat Simulator (猫咪模拟大作战)

Death Truck Hero – Apocalypse Road (死亡卡车末世之路)

Driving School 2017 (驾驶学校2017)

Game of Drones (战争命运)

Mr. Bullet (金牌神枪手)

Paint Ball Shooting Arena 3D (彩弹射击竞技场3D)

Stickman Archer (火柴人射手)

Superhero City Rescue Mission (英雄城市救援)


Author: APPTUTTi