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APPTUTTi wins Best Employer’s Award

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APPTUTTi, an online portal to get your apps in China, is honored to receive an Award for “The Best Employer” for the year 2016 – 2017. The Awards were organized by Smiling Report which basically keeps track of how well or not a company is doing, keeping in view all relevant measures. The smiling report has a very effective method to play its part in statistically analyzing each company’s growth. They don’t move places to find out anything. With their brilliant online system, they send out survey forms to each company where the data is categorized into three question types namely;

  1. Smile
  2. Greeting
  3. Add on sales

If a company is expanded into different countries, they fill out one form each for one region and Smiling Report then collectively sums up the result.

However, there is a specific way to pull out the data from your existing system. In order to match the criteria of Smiling Report’s survey form, you need your developers to tell you how to be more specific to grab relevant data and add them on the form.

Smiling report has gained a lot of media attention in recent years, meaning, they are doing a good job for their clients to let them measure their units and themselves as companies.

In case of this year’s awards, APPTUTTi succeeded to be on top for Best Employer’s category.

APPTUTTi is a team of highly skilled individuals who have the core understanding of China’s market, cultural differences and how to cope with them. APPTUTTi’s aim is to assist new start-ups or freelance developers to get their apps in the largest market of the world. As APPTUTTi states itself, it has a market which is three times more than what the Americans have. In 4 simple steps which take not more than 30 minutes, your app belongs to top app stores of China. Thanks to the Super SDK that APPTUTTi provides!

APPTUTTi has attracted a lot of foreign developers by first, explaining why China as a marketplace for your app, and second, if yes, then how to penetrate yourself in that marketplace successfully.

The support team which is there for their clients 24/7 does its best to provide technical and business advice. They know English is the language they need to speak in, in order to facilitate foreigners who would not be quite aware of the local language and even the other customs that you need to identify in order to get your apps in China. A lot of developers can come up with a solid core, but it’s the APPTUTTi’s team that helps you modify your app in a way that it’s acceptable in the Chinese region, having a currency controlled market with growing competition as each day passes by.




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