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APPTUTTi Verified Program

Posted by: APPTUTTi
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Why did we launch our program? 

We launched the APPTUTTi Verified Program to reward our partners for their hard work in creating great projects.


The number of registered partners grew by 40x compared to the same period last year. This has led to the publication of hundreds of games. And for this reason, we would like to showcase our high-quality games with excellent performance, as well as those that we personally admire and that deserves recognition.



How do we evaluate games?

What does being “Verified” mean for developers?

– Additional promotion in the Chinese market to reach more users

– Branded materials 

As our library of games represents over 38% of all foreign games in China, we believe in our ability to attract games and developers with great potential. We strive to deliver the best foreign games to our Chinese users and we hope that launching our “APPTUTTi Verified Program” will help our developers to stand out from the crowd and increase downloads.


Learn more about the Verified program HERE

Thank you, from the APPTUTTi Team.

Author: APPTUTTi