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A Brief Look into the Mobile App Marketing Scenario in China

Posted by: Caring
Category: Blog

Although China was a little slow to warm up to the smartphone revolution that has captured the rest of the world, the country has now more than 500 million registered users and this has certainly grasped the attention of business owners in this part of the world. With its rapidly progressing mobile infrastructure and growth of e-commerce prospects, China is one of the fastest expanding centers in the world in terms of app development and app marketing. The local and international businesses operating in this part of the world are now readily hiring the services of experts who can offer them mobile app marketing in China. In regards to the current state of affairs, there are certain crucial areas that are needed to be discussed.

Critical challenges of mobile app marketing in China

The app market in China operates somewhat differently than it does in USA or Europe. This poses some serious challenges for companies who are looking to achieve success with their mobile app marketing strategy. While the mobile infrastructure of China is fast improving, it is still at its nascent stage and therefore lacks certain benefits that are otherwise common in certain other parts of the world. Business houses that aim to launch and promote an app in the app stores have found that they need to work with a monetization model that is suitable for their specific needs and helps in overcoming the technical challenges associated with the Chinese market. This also helps in making sure that the product or the app is unique and is not imitated by another competitor.

Android users and Android apps rule the Chinese market

Statistics reveal that more consumers in China are prone to use Android smartphones and only a third of the overall market show preference for iOS phones. Other smartphone devices that run Windows, Blackberry or Symbian operating systems have even lesser figures. This means that companies that aim to appeal to users in the Chinese market need to target Android smartphones as their first choice. It is also believed that Android run devices will grow further in numbers in the near future. A mobile marketing agency in China looking to achieve substantial success in this scenario should focus on developing optimum marketing strategies for the Android platform.

It is therefore no surprise that local and multinational companies operating in China are now working their way to capture the market that is predominantly dominated by Android smartphone users. In such circumstances, the demand for an experienced service provider offering expertise on mobile app marketing and mobile phone advertising in China among business houses have skyrocketed to the top.




Author: Caring