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Selected titles published by APPTUTTi this year

Posted by: APPTUTTi
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I know we have been quiet for some time, but that doesn’t mean we were not busy! Here are the Top-5 projects launched by APPTUTTi in China since January to March 2023:

1. Monster Tamer: Epic Battles 古灵小精怪

Fresh 3D arcade monster battler from Estonian team Funtory Studio.

Monsters are coming! Adopt a monster and train it to become the strongest in the Monster Village! You can find it on Vivo, Oppo and Xiaomi stores in China.

Get it on Vivo Store or on TUTTi Club

2. Ninja sword: Ragdoll fighting 像素人生存战争

Our good friends from Mamboo Games have brought an entertaining pixel fighting title with 10 million downloads worldwide to China with us!

It is accessible through XiaoMi, Vivo stores and also Wechat mini-programs! Get it now and prove yourself a real ragdoll warrior!

Download on Xiaomi Store

3. Save the Earth Planet ECO 生存保卫战

Educational eco-friendly clicker from environmental protectors’ team GameFirst is now sending its green messages to Mainland players too.

Your goal would be to stabilize the ecological situation on the planet, then step by step restore it and improve the eco-situation of the Earth.

Get it on TUTTi Club or on Vivo Store

4. Spotlight: Room Escape 逃逸

Thrilling adventure puzzle from Estonian studio Javelin is now testing the Chinese gamers’ curiosity and puzzle-solving skills!

Exciting puzzles, beautiful 3D graphics with thrilling game scenes are now free to download on Vivo Store, 3839 and Xiaomi stores or on TUTTi Club.

5. Merge Design: Home Makeover 欢乐点点消

Relaxing house makeover title from our Romanian based partners Stonemobile has found a large Merge games fan base in China!

Become a professional home decorator by downloading our game on Wechat mini-games, Vivo and Huawei platforms!

Follow the link to download from VIVO Store 

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Author: APPTUTTi