Top 5 Reasons to Publish in China with APPTTUTi

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Publishing in China is alluring and potentially lucrative when done right.

Oftentimes, the only true barrier to publishing a mobile game in China comes down to a lack of understanding about the local marketplace and how to get one’s apps into the important app stores that drive the Chinese mobile market. While it's clear that access to China's 700 million mobile gamers would be a huge plus for your game, it’s not immediately clear how such access can be achieved. That’s where APPTUTTi can provide a clear advantage for developers. Not only do we partner with developers and provide easy access to China for free with our basic RSPP package, but we also help with essential localization and free translation to get you off the ground! 

You may have heard about APPTUTTi in passing, but haven’t had a chance to do your own digging. Hopefully, this article can shed some light on the services and perks of partnering with APPTUTTi when it comes to publishing your games in China. Let’s take a moment to unpack more of the APPTUTTi advantage with these 5 reasons!

Reason #1 to publish in China with APPTUTTi...

… is the fact that APPTUTTi partners with TOP app stores in China! We maintain and foster strong business relationships that benefit the positioning of your apps in our partnering stores. Not only do our close business ties with top local app stores mean that your apps are given increased visibility, but we also work closely with these stores to optimize user experiences on their platforms. Because of these exclusive relationships, your apps receive unrivaled treatment in terms of promotion and advertising and have access to the widest player and user bases possible, meaning that there is always potential to top the charts. Even with just our free RSPP basic package, it is possible to make a huge return on your investment in time and effort. 

Reason #2 to publish in China with APPTUTTi…

… is the fact that APPTUTTi has the fastest process for publishing ad-monetized games in China! Because we have developed our own industry-approved SuperSDK that allows apps to connect to localized ads immediately upon release in local app stores without additional patching, we are able to publish games faster than anyone else in the mobile app space. Being able to publish your game quickly means that local fans who want to get the best app experience won’t have to wait long for an official release of your app in China. This allows you to beat any pirated versions of your apps first to the market. It also means that you can publish your game under an ad-monetized model first and begin earning money from it while you wait for the applications for an IP Certificate and an ISBN Publishing License to be approved before switching to an IAP model. 

Reason #3 to publish in China with APPTUTTi…

… is the fact that your publishing experience with us can be completely customizable to fit the specific needs of your apps! After publishing with our free RSPP option, it's absolutely possible for you to upgrade your package to include more of what APPTUTTi can provide for you and your game. It’s also possible to upgrade your package at any point during the publishing process. For example, you may realize that some features of our other packages may provide your game with a better chance of success or may actually fit your publishing goals better. With wider publication and more specified parameters for publishing, RSPP Plus and RSPP MAX can offer increased cooperation and hands-on contact that can help push your game to greater heights in the Chinese mobile marketplace. 

Reason #4 to publish in China with APPTUTTi…

… is the fact that APPTUTTi has over 5 years of experience publishing international apps in China. With that amount of experience comes a level of expertise that just can’t be manufactured overnight or through flashy advertising. It means that APPTUTTi not only understands the Chinese mobile market but we know how developers overseas can thrive in it. We’ve had time to learn from our successes as well as projects that haven’t been as successful as we had hoped. We have established ourselves as a reliable and trustworthy publisher of high-quality apps from all over the world and stores and regulators recognize that. This learning process is something that 5 years in the industry have helped us acquire and we’re now in a better position than ever to help developers launch their apps and games in China. 

Reason #5 to publish in China with APPTUTTi…

… We always ensure that developers have access to all of their app’s data at all times. Data transparency is something that we pride ourselves on being able to provide. Now that we’ve added a mobile app (TUTTi Viewer) for developers to track their data, access and transparency are better than ever before! The more you know about your app’s performance, the better you can make adjustments to its monetization model and other aspects to improve user experience and increase player retention and satisfaction. Your app’s data is an important piece of the entire publishing picture that you should have access to at all times and APPTUTTi wants to make sure that you do indeed have that access.

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