2021 APPTUTTi Office Tour

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Catch our latest TUTTi Vlog where we feature our new office in Shenzhen and meet some members of the APPTUTTi family that are responsible for turning your publishing dreams into reality!

Let’s follow Yepy on a day in the life at APPTUTTi.

1. First things first, morning coffee.

2. Welcome to our office!

3. Look who we’ve bumped into first! In fact, TUTTi Alien and TUTTi Naut are just some of Diego’s designs we can spot here hanging around in the background of our office!

4. David is on the constant lookout for the next big gaming hit in China!

5. Shhh! Our team is working hard to ensure that all apps and games from our partners are ready for publishing in China.

6. Jason loves connecting with developers from all around the world!

7. Here’s a brief intro to monetization and localization from Tom!

8. Don’t disturb Kitty! She’s in the middle of playing Cell to Singularity, a DDCP game we recently boosted to success across China!

9. We’ve found Steve!

10. Loki is the person you need to find if you want to learn more about our exclusive Deep Dive Customization Program…

11. If you’re having any SuperSDK integration issues, just drop Deyuan a message!

12. And last but not least, here's Queenie from the RSPP team!

      That’s Register. Submit. Plug. Publish.

That’s it for today!


Thank you for joining us on an office tour and meeting some members of the APPTUTTi family. We look forward to welcoming you onboard your next journey to the largest mobile market in the world!

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