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How APPTUTTi Increases Transparency for Developers
Category: Featured,Blog
Apart from helping developers navigate their publishing journey to China in 4 simple steps, here’s what we do to ensure that our partners have transparency across technicali...
Global Games Revenue Expected To Hit $99.6B In 2016 With China And Mobile Driving Growth
Category: Blog
The global games market is flourishing and revenue is estimated to reach $99.6 billion in 2016, according to a report released Thursday by the research firm NewZoo. China remains...
Mobile Game Market Predicted to Overtake PC with $37 Billion in Revenue for 2016
Category: Blog
Newzoo has released the latest quarterly update of its “Global Games Market Report”, which predicts that the total game market revenue in 2016 will be just shy of $100 billion ($...
App stores to generate over $100bn in revenue in five years
Category: Blog
When apps first came to smartphones, it completely changed the ways users interact with their devices. Mobile phones went from being just phones that could make calls and send sh...
Mobile games to drive app store revenue to $101 billion by 2020
Category: Blog
App Annie’s latest forecast report is predicting that global app store revenue will rise to $51 billion in 2016, and will have reached $101 billion by 2020.According to the...
Chinese mobile game revenues could double to $11.1B by 2019
Category: Blog
China’s stock market has had a bad year, but the country’s game industry remains strong and on track to grow dramatically over time. That’s the underlying belief behind Chinese g...
Game-software revenues to grow from $90B in 2016 to $115B by 2020
Category: Blog
Tech advisor Digi-Capital expects the game-software industry to grow 22 percent from $90 billion a year in 2016 to $115 billion a year by 2020, according to a new report.Th...
Q3 Chinese mobile gaming revenue amounted to 14.63 billion
Category: Blog
Gamma data released July to September 2015 the mobile gaming industry report >> The report shows that from July to September 2015, China mobile game market the actual sales...