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5 things to avoid when getting your mobile game translated in Chinese
Category: Blog
There are 1.3 billion people living in China, and it is still growing. With this large population, and extensive territory; there is no doubt that China has multiple dialects in ...
Introducing Our Latest SDK To Launch Your Games/Apps In English!
Category: Blog
A huge population in China is hungry for English games/apps as well so we thought while we launch your game/app in Chinese why not expand it even further by reaching the English ...
Chinese Firm Buys Into Mobile Game Data Analytics
Category: Blog
Chinese mobile marketing platform Mobvista announced that the company will invest USD11.72 million to acquire a 90.01% stake in GameAnalytics, a mobile game data analysis company...
Chinese Group to Pay $4.4 Billion for Caesars’ Mobile Games
Category: Blog
HONG KONG — Gambling may be illegal in mainland China, but that is not stopping Chinese tech investors from betting on casino-style mobile games.In the most recent example in a g...
Chinese mobile game players spend more at midnight but play more at midday
Category: Blog
The peak gameplay times for Chinese mobile users are at noon and 7 pm, according to Guangzhou Flamingo Network Technology CEO Ma Shuo.Speaking at ChinaJoy 2016, Shuo discussed so...
Category: Blog
The Chinese app market is the largest and one of the most profitable mobile markets in the world, and it’s poised to be the top mobile market across all categories in just a year...
5 Chinese App Stores You Must Know
Category: Blog
As you may or may not know, the Chinese app market is unlike most of the other app markets around the world, especially when it comes to Android.Unlike western markets, Google Pl...
For what reason China is Booming Market for Developers
Category: Blog
China has the largest smartphone market on the planet, with well over 1.2 billion users. Clearly, they have earned their place as one of the most lucrative mobile advertising mar...
Role-play and strategy games take half in April's Chinese top android games
Category: Blog
According to April’s China Mobile Games Market Monitor, a joint product of TalkingData and Newzoo, role-play and strategy games dominated the Top 100 Grossing Android Games ranki...
Chinese mobile games market become the most valuable in the world
Category: Blog
Newzoo and TalkingData report pegs annual revenue for 2015 at $7.1 billion, rising to $10 billion this yearThe Chinese mobile games market passed $7 billion in revenue in 2015, a...