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4 Simple Steps to Launch Your Game in China in 2021
Category: Blog
Picture this: You’ve been carefully developing your game for a while and it’s finally time to release it out into the world for everyone to enjoy. You’ve even set your eyes ...
From RSPP Basic to Max: Finding Success in China with APPTUTTi
Category: Blog,Business
Rento Dice Board Game Case Study To illustrate what an APPTUTTi publishing journey looks like, let’s look at Rento’s success story. From RSPP Basic to RSPP Plus and finally ...
Success Story: Magic Cube Puzzle 3D
Category: Blog
Magic Cube Puzzle 3D was released into 3 Android App Stores in China (Wandoujia, 3839 Game, 4399 Game). It was published through our RSPP Basic (Register, Submit, Plug, Publish) ...
APPTUTTi Welcomes Cocos Creators to China
Category: News,Business
You’re in the world of game development and you’ve just spent the last few months pulling all-nighters, fueled by coffee, coding your game. Cocos Creator simplifies game developm...
Publishing in China: IP Certificates and ISBNs
Category: Blog,News
What are IP Certificates and ISBNs?Should I apply for these when publishing my game in China?These are the questions we have been receiving a lot lately so let’s get right into i...