May 2021 Games Published in China with APPTUTTi
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APPTUTTi has been helping developers publish their games in China since 2015.Our efficient RSPP model and industry-approved SuperSDK simplifies your publishing journey ...
Are Blockchain Games Ready to come back to China?
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Blockchain Gaming With the recent increase in Bitcoins popularity, I got thinking about the blockchain gaming craze that happened in China and whether blockchain games will ever...
From RSPP Basic to Max: Finding Success in China with APPTUTTi
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Rento Dice Board Game Case Study To illustrate what an APPTUTTi publishing journey looks like, let’s look at Rento’s success story. From RSPP Basic to RSPP Plus and finally ...
Success Story: Magic Cube Puzzle 3D
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Magic Cube Puzzle 3D was released into 3 Android App Stores in China (Wandoujia, 3839 Game, 4399 Game). It was published through our RSPP Basic (Register, Submit, Plug, Publish) ...
July 2020 Recap: RPG games in China
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AbstractRPG is the No.1 popular genre in Chinese mobile game market. High quality features and interesting game plot are the most significant elements in RPGs.“Onmyoji” is a role...
Is there a Game Supply Problem in China?
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Game Traffic Buying risesDataEye-ADX reports that more than 600,000 new traffic materials were purchased in May for an average daily of 20,000. Compared with April, the daily ave...
Success Story: Truck Simulator Europe 2
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Become a real trucker with Truck Simulator: Europe 2! This game was published at the end of 2019 under an advertising monetization model in 3 Chinese app stores under APPTUTTi’s ...
APPTUTTi Verified Program
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Why did we launch our program? We launched the APPTUTTi Verified Program to reward our partners for their hard work in creating great projects. The number of registered...
What are the gaming regulations in China? (2020)
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Heading into 2020, let’s refresh our understanding of the latest regulations that China imposes on games.History Prior to March 21, 2018, the primary regulators for China’s onlin...
Cloud Gaming - The Next Big Thing
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Just as streaming services have disrupted the film and television industry, the gaming industry is set to follow suit with cloud gaming, where streaming becomes the alterna...