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Why do I need to "localize" my app for China? 
Category: Blog,News
Why do I need to "localize" my app for China? “Hello TUTTi-Naut, what is localization?” “Localization is when you tweak and adapt a mobile appor game to make it s...
Localization Tips for China
Category: Blog,News
China has a unique mobile ecosystem. It runs on its own set of rules. International developers will therefore need to play by those rules to increase the chance of exposure and s...
China: Android vs iOS
Category: Blog,Business
As we bring on a new decade, let’s remind ourselves of just how important the Android market is in China. Figures from November 2019 show how a meager 16% market share for Apple’...
What are the gaming regulations in China? (2020)
Category: Blog,News
Heading into 2020, let’s refresh our understanding of the latest regulations that China imposes on games.History Prior to March 21, 2018, the primary regulators for China’s onlin...