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The Different RPG styles between East and West
Category: News
The Chinese Mobile RPG: the Genre of Giants.Chinese RPGs make up 56% of the top 500 grossing iOS games in China. According to data gathered in 2019 by Game Refinery’s Joel Julkun...
Best 2020 mobile gaming events for indie developers to attend
Category: Blog,News
Lockdowns and travel restrictions are not going to stop us from making the most of the remainder of 2020.While the APPTUTTi team is gutted to not be able to catch up with our exi...
APPTUTTi Verified Program
Category: News,Business
Why did we launch our program? We launched the APPTUTTi Verified Program to reward our partners for their hard work in creating great projects. The number of registered...
The Case for Ads Monetization
Category: Featured,Blog,Business
We have been receiving many inquiries on why ads monetization may be a better solution than in-app purchases for the Chinese market. This article argues that this is due to a cul...
Streaming Services in China
Category: Blog,Business
Video and audio streaming services are important platforms that studios, record labels, independent creatives and influencers use to reach as many viewers and listeners as possib...
APPTUTTi’s 5G Cloud Gaming Partnership with Migu
Category: Blog,News
As one of China Mobile’s strategic partners, APPTUTTi is pleased to announce its new partnership with Migu Gaming, a subsidiary of the state-owned telecommunications company. The...
APPTUTTi Becomes the Newest Unity Distribution Portal Partner, Providing Mobile Game Developers Access to Chinese App Stores
Category: Blog,News,Business
HONG KONG, China – September 12th, 2019APPTUTTi today announced it has become the newest store on the Unity Technologies Unity Distribution Portal (UDP). APPTUTTi is the first 24...
China’s mobile gaming market growing clout
Category: Blog
China’s mobile gaming market growing cloutWith the country boasting a billion potential players, major companies stuffed with cash and increasingly talented developers to call up...
Mobile Game Emulators Might Benefit PC Gaming Hardware In China
Category: Blog
Far and away the leading powerhouse in the global mobile gaming space, China boasts more than 420 million mobile gamers who spent $5.5 billion domestically in 2015 on mobile game...
Chinese Group to Pay $4.4 Billion for Caesars’ Mobile Games
Category: Blog
HONG KONG — Gambling may be illegal in mainland China, but that is not stopping Chinese tech investors from betting on casino-style mobile games.In the most recent example in a g...